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SCR888 Download Latest iOS | How to Troubleshoot the Issue?

SCR888 Download Latest iOS

For the online gamblers, the SCR888 Download Latest iOS is now available on the Pages. You can download the newest version of the SCR888 Casino app for the freshness online gambling.

However, for the first-time comer, you may face the issue while installing the SCR888 iOS. This is due to the iOS device’s system protection of the safeguard. Normally, it doesn’t occur any issues while the installation of the application, right? But why it will occur on the SCR888 Casino app only? Besides, how are you going to troubleshoot the issue in order to gambling with the SCR888 Casino Game again?

Downloading the Latest SCR888 iOS

If you had downloaded the SCR888 iOS before, then it doesn’t an issue for you. Yet, for the SCR888 Download Latest iOS, you just have to click on the game icon in order to get the latest version of the application.

Here, we are guiding the newcomer of the SCR888 Casino in how to download the SCR888 iOS, as well as how to solve the installation of the SCR888 iOS on the iOS device. The downloading of this application, it is different from other applications. Because of the Casino needs you to download the application on their Pages but not in the App Store.

The SCR888 Pages is named with On the Pages, they are not only releasing the iOS format file but they do with the SCR888 APK as well. It is allowing for installation on the Android device. To download the latest SCR888 iOS, you have to enter their Pages with the Internet Browser for easy to download the application. Good news, the SCR888 Download Latest iOS is free for the installation.

Solving the Issue of the SCR888 iOS Installation

Once finishing the installation. You can find that your application couldn’t open, right? The safeguard of the iOS device is now active to protect the device. This is the reason why you couldn’t enter the application after the downloading. However, to troubleshoot this kind of the issue, you have to manually change the setting on the device. It doesn’t need the supportive application to run the application on the device, it saves your device’s space.

While changing the setting, it is much simple and complete rapidly. After completely download the apps on the device, then only you can change the setting. First of all, the setting is available in the “Settings” icon. Here, you have to find the “Device Management” in order to adjustment of the rule of the device. Afterwards, you have to find the 918Kiss / SCR888 Casino app (All Continental Trading…) and make the device trust on this application is safe. Then now, you had solved the issue of the SCR888 download latest iOS on the iOS device.

In case, you are not clear with the guideline above. Below is showing the clearer instruction of troubleshooting the issue on the device.

Settings – General – Device Management – All Continental Trading Sdn. Bhd. – Trust – Done

What If Re-Download the SCR888 Casino App?

Since the gambling will deliver a bad image to other people. There are some of the players will delete the application once finish the gambling. However, they will re-download the application again for the online gambling. This is just to prevent others notice about it.

In the iOS device, if you had deleted the application and all of the data will be deleted as well. Especially for the outsourcing application, for the in-house application will remain the history in the App Store only. Hence, you wish to re-download the SCR888 Casino app again. Then you should complete the tasks like the beginner.


Above are the sums of the SCR888 Download Latest iOS. It is educating the knowledge of the SCR888 Casino iOS installation. It is unlike the SCR888 APK installation which is simply easy. The Apple Inc. provides the safeguard for their device is due to protect the user from the unknown application. However, the SCR888 Casino app is clean and safe to download for the online gambling.

SCR888 Download Latest iOS | How to Troubleshoot the Issue?
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