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The Advantages of Playing SCR888 Mobile Slot Games

Why do People like to Play SCR888 Mobile Slot Games?

It’s been a while since SCR888 Mobile Casino was launched in Malaysia. Today, it is the most popular mobile online slot games in Malaysia, serving more than hundreds of thousands online casino players in the country. It is also ranked the No.1 online slot games in 2016, with an unbeatable market position in Malaysia. You might be questioning, why is it so successful despite thousands of online slot game product in Malaysia? Everything happens for some reasons. In this post, we are going to discuss the benefits as well as advantages of playing SCR888 mobile slot games, and to reveal the factors driving SCR888 to success.

Mobile Slot Game Products in Malaysia

Before we talk about the advantages of SCR888 Mobile Casino, I am going to give you a brief background on the mobile slot game products in Malaysia. It’s been a long time that Playtech’s slot games dominate the local slot game industry, at least for years. This is due to the strong brand name of 12Win Casino, which is in turn developed by the UK-based Playtech. 12Win Casino’s slot games have been the mainstream slot game product in Malaysia, commanding more than 50% share of the market. Nevertheless, the introduction of SCR888 Mobile slot games has changed the big picture. Players have been making a switch from 12Win to SCR888, causing a sharp drop in 12Win’s business volume. Not to mention the fact that there is another similar product to SCR888, namely SKY3888, who is also fiercely taking over the market share in the Malaysian slot game industry. The war has just begun.

On the other hand, Clubsuncity Casino is another successful mobile slot game product since its official launch in the year of 2015. It is rather unique and exclusive given its self-designed slot games, which are completely different from those you have seen in the past. This has also helped Clubsuncity Casino to rapidly exploit the local slot game industry. Having excluded SKY3888 from the list (as it is highly similar to SCR888), 12Win and Clubsuncity are considerably the largest competitors against SCR888 Mobile slot games. Each of the above has their own pros and cons, and it is really important for a slot game player to figure out the differences between SCR888 Casino, 12Win Casino, and Clubsuncity Casino. Now, let us take a look at what kinds of advantages that SCR888 Mobile Casino can provide to a player.

Play SCR888 Mobile Slot Games to Gain Advantages

As we mentioned above, players do not simply play SCR888 Mobile slot games for no reason. There are a bunch of benefits and advantages of playing SCR888 slot games. Some of the explicit advantages are set out as below:

1. High Winning Payout

SCR888 Mobile could be possibly offering the highest winning payout policy as compared to many other online casino products in the market. Some say statistically, 7 out of 10 players tend to win from SCR888 Mobile slot games. Nonetheless, this has not been official proven yet. Based on my personal experience playing SCR888 slot games, it is really easy to gain profits from the games. It is believed that this is one of the SCR888’s tactics to get market share from its competitors, especially when market competition is so intense nowadays. There is possibility that one day SCR888 Mobile Casino might start to tighten its winning payout policy. For the time being, it is still the easiest-to-win mobile slot games in Malaysia.

2. Highly Mobile Friendly

In the past, SCR888 Casino was just a kiosk-based slot game application that was highly prevailing in the local illegal gambling dens. Having realised the importance of mobile version in view of the increasing usage in smartphones locally, SCR888 Malaysia finally made a smart move by venturing into the mobile slot game market. I would say its mobile slot games could possibly be one of the best in the market. Simply layout, awesome graphic design, and reasonable data consumption, that would totally blow your mind off. SCR888 Mobile’s slot game developers were designing its mobile version in such a way that every single tiny detail has been taken care of. This tend to optimise user experience from the first moment that players start to bet SCR888 slot games.

3. Easy to Download and Play

It requires not much efforts to kick start playing SCR888 slot games. For your information, SCR888 Mobile slot games are supported in both Android and IOS smartphones, offering a hassle-free mobile slot gaming experience to all players. As such, you just need to visit its official download centre to get the slot game application. If you are new to SCR888’s products, you may refer to our internal page that will guide you how to download SCR888 slot games on your mobile devices. The mobile game application itself would run regular updates on periodical basis from time to time, hence upgrading the slot game application.

4. More Free Bonus Games

Usually, a player would only be entitled for free bonus games if he or she has achieved certain threshold of betting turnover. In other words, the more you bet, the higher chances that you would strike free bonus games. Nevertheless, in SCR888 Mobile Casino, the chances of getting free bonus games are relatively higher as compared to other slot game products. I am really surprised when I first played SCR888 slot games about months ago, and got myself at least 100 free bonus games within 30 minutes’ time. This is incredible. It is quite obvious that you need to put in more wagers before you can earn the free bonus games. This is also one of the reasons why people love to play SCR888 slot games, as it really offers much free bonus games which are beyond your expectation.

5. Sky-high Progressive Jackpots

Many online casino products offer Progressive Jackpots, but only a few would really pay to the players. SCR888 Mobile offers millions ringgit cash jackpots to reward its players, while the frequency of paying such jackpots is relatively higher compared to other products. Some of the players have been made rich after striking the Progressive Jackpots when playing SCR888 slot games. Moreover, SCR888 Mobile also put in place major jackpots and minor jackpots for most of its slot games, making it easier for players to get big cash prizes with small bet amount. SCR888’s jackpots offer is 100% genuine, thus it is also more advantageous for players to play its slot games.

The Advantages of Playing SCR888 Mobile Slot Games
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5 Responses to “The Advantages of Playing SCR888 Mobile Slot Games

  • Do you guys know why i cant open this game in SG ?

    • scr888mobilecasino
      2 years ago

      Hi Chun Ren, SCR888 MYR is only supported in Malaysia. You need to get SGD game account if you wanna play in Singapore. Hope this helps

  • how can I get a kiosk n be agent?

    • scr888mobilecasino
      2 years ago

      Hi Zerol, you may contact SCR888 Malaysia Official Website for more info 🙂

  • Hariyono
    1 year ago


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