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Bitcoin for Online Casino Betting

Online Casino

The online casino industry is gaining momentum to overtake the land casino as the number one betting platform for casino players. Therefore, more and more players are bringing their bets online. Not only they get to enjoy all the convenience of online gambling, they are also exposed to a wider variety of gambling games. Besides that, the casino players will also get to enjoy the big variety of deposit option for their gambling wager.

One of the deposit option which is trending currently is the rise of Bitcoin. Not all players are well aware that Bitcoin is one of the option where they can make deposit into their betting account. If you have not heard about the Bitcoin before, it is actually the most popular cryptocurrency which is in use today. There are millions of users around the world that is using this digital currency for their purchase and money transfer. As time pass, millions more users are joining this movement on a daily basis.

Similar to most websites, the online casino who accept Bitcoin will appeal to players who are looking for an easy to use, top security site and the high profit promise for the players. These casinos have a few key attributes which can easily set them apart from the traditional online casino.

What is Bitcoin?

After their debut in 2008, Bitcoin is a form of alternative to traditional financial management as it is a new currency with big potential. The digital currency will use superior transaction speed and globally recognized security protocol, minimal fees and super benefit of complete anonymity.

Full Anonymity

The use of Bitcoin in online gambling is very appealing to most of the online gambler. With the benefit of total privacy, many players are more than happy to avoid tying their personal bank account to the casino cashier. Other than this, the players will also avoid working with established financial institution. As a result of that, they will be able to avoid the irritating transaction fees that most big banks will charge on their customers.

Lowering the House Edge

There is a high probability that the casino players will not know what is the house edge of the online casino before they place their bets. If you have been wondering what exactly is a house edge, it is actually referring to how often a casino can expect to get a return from an individual player’s bet. Therefore, if you bet $1 on a casino game with 5% house edge, you can expect a $0.95 return on their wager while the casino will claim the remaining $0.05. Over the longer period of time, this works out in the favor of the house.

Online casino that accept bitcoin would normally offer the return to players of 99% and up. In other words, this would mean that they would only pocket $0.01 or less on the same bet from our previous example. This would be a great advantage to the players who are always looking to lessen the house edge on every wager they make so that they can get the most out of every bet in the online casino.

Withdrawals When You Want Them

Most online casino would hope that you will keep your money in your casino account as long as possible. The longer it is there, their more you will bet. Casino which offer bitcoin deposit have a would have a different thinking.

Most of them will offer instant withdrawal in full or in part. Their main goal is also to provide the fastest withdrawal system for the casino players. It is one of the most sought after feature for all online casino. They are able to do so with the help of digital currency such as the bitcoin.

Casino Game Variety

Once you make a deposit using the digital currency, you will still be able to enjoy all your favorite betting games. No matter if you are a fan of sport betting, poker, slot game or even live casino games, you will have the greatest time of your life without ever having to leave home. There is big opportunity in the online casino whereby you can win big rewards. One of the biggest winner would be a player named Nakowa where he walked away from the online casino table with $1.3m worth of Bitcoins in 2013.


Bitcoin will soon be the only digital currency that can be traded globally and openly. When the time come, many businesses will also be using this currency on their daily trades. This would also mean that you will be able to place any bets in online casinos around the world and cash out instantly.


Bitcoin for Online Casino Betting
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