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Casino Games That Offer the Best Odds to the Players

Casino Game

Casino games are a popular pastime all over the world. With the advent of online Casinos such as SCR888, it has become very cheap to access your favorite games. Not only do you get to enjoy a good game but you also get to make money while at it. However, before you play out your bankroll, it is important to understand which games give you the best winning chances. Statistics show that most table games have great odds for a player who is willing to make money gambling in a casino. At first, most gamers may be intimidated by table games but with a few hours of learning, you will realize how easy playing these games is. Through comparison the following casino games have the lowest house edge thus enabling players to win greatly:


Blackjack is not only one of the most popular games but also the easiest to play. Undoubtedly, this casino game gives you the best odds of winning given that you will be playing only against the dealer and not some gambling expert, the rules are simple and a couple of strategies have been devised to give players an edge at the tables. With online casinos sites, computer simulations have been developed that allow players to reduce the house edge from 1 percent to about 0.5 percent. This means that the average money a player loses in respect to their bet amount goes down.


Baccarat is a classic; it has been played for centuries. The casino game has featured in a couple of James Bond movies making it even more popular. Though projected in movies as a game that requires you to be sharp, Baccarat is simply a game of chance. This game is more or less like Blackjack; while in Blackjack players try to get card values adding close to or at 21, in Baccarat players try to get closer to 9. This makes the game easy. Nonetheless, there are no strategies for playing Baccarat as it is a chance game. This is why the game is popular with thousands of high rollers. You employ your instincts while playing and you will appreciate how well this game pays.


Craps is a dice game where a shooter throws a pair of dice on the table and players bet on the outcome of the dice. At first, the terms used during the game may be jargon to many gamers and the rules may sound complicated, however, after a couple of plays, players are well versed with the game. In most casino sites, for instance SCR888, you will find instructions on how to play different casino games and their rules. If you are new to Craps and the rules sound complicated, stick to fundamental bets and then proceed gradually. There are two main bets; Pass and Don’t Pass. Pass is fundamental and comes handy for starters.


Everyone loves roulette. Not only because it is slow paced and interesting to play but also because it offers a high return to player. The casino game is easy to play. To play, you only need to predict where rolling steel ball lands; either on a given number, color or group of numbers. When you bet on a certain number and win, your payout is multiplied by 35; this makes roulette an attractive game. Most gamers bet on a single number in all games to increase their chances of hitting the big payoff. Roulette is a chance game that does not require a specific strategy. However, the game pays handsomely.


Slot machines are everywhere; online and offline. There is nothing complex in playing slots and thus the reason why most newbies love them. To play slots, you only need to insert coins to wager (set your betting amount in online casino) and hit spin. You will win when three or more symbols of a kind appear on a lit line. Most slot machines offer payout percentages of more than 90 percent making them the online casino cash cows. There are different variants of slot machines and different releases of the same variant making them interesting to play. For a player who is out to make money online, slots provide the fastest way to do so.

Fair Winning Chances

To be a good gamer and to win great in casino games, you need to take your time and learn all there is to a game. This includes rules, how to play and strategies. Though winning, in most casino games, will largely depend on your luck, having the necessary knowledge and applying known strategies will influence your chances of hitting the big pay highly.

Casino Games That Offer the Best Odds to the Players
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