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Cheat The Casino: How to do it?

Casino Cheater

Every casino hate cheaters. This is mainly because cheating the casino are bad for the business. However, casino players have become really innovative nowadays. In order to combat this, the casinos are all out in finding ways to spot a cheater. There are many form of cheating that if often carried out in the casino. Over the years, there are also many well developed cheating technique that has been used to win big from casino games. Cheating in the casino would not be easy nowadays as there are many ways to spot a cheater in the casino. By knowing how to spot a cheater, any casino players can take precaution to make sure that they do not get cheated when they are betting.

Use Sings to Identify and Mark Cards

Cheating can be carried out in many forms and sources. In order to cheat, there are many strategies that the casino players can use to hit and win big from their casino game. One of the most used strategy would include marking and using certain sign to identify cards. It may sound easy but this technique is hard to carry out in the casino. To successfully pull off this technique, casino players would often need the help of some casino employees. The marking on the cards can be quite complicated for any casino players who do not know about this technique.

For example, some casino players would use this technique in the game of poker. This would involve several players signaling each other regarding the cards on their hands. The sign and language that are used by them would often go unnoticed for most beginners and starters.

Cheating Dealers

In some occasion, the casino players would team up with the dealers to cheat in the game. By the end of the game session, the cheating players would then meet up to settle the winning between themselves. It is usual to find that the player and dealer to make this kind of deal to carry out this type of cheating in the casino game. Even though this would be against the governing and regulating bodies to affiliate with the casino players, many dealers would not mind to earn a quick buck using this method.

Past Posting and Hand Mucking

Apart from that, the past posting and hand mucking method is also often used in to cheat the casino. In past posting, the cheating players would exchange their smaller chips into bigger chips after they won. In order to catch these cheaters, the players would need to have sharp memories. Besides that, the hand mucking method would allow the players to switch their desirable cards into less desirable ones.

Cheating Casinos

Cheating can often be done in both ways. In fact, other than the casino players who cheat, some casinos would cheat their players as well. Most often time, these casinos would usually be the non-regulated and illegal casinos. Therefore, casino players need to be alert to identify some of the cheating techniques that are used by some casinos. One of these examples can be seen through the game of roulette. Often time, the cheating casinos would use a rigged roulette wheels to cheat the casino players. Apart from that, cheating for the casino can be carried out by the dealers as well. The dealers would have a certain way of dealing their cards to the players. By using this method, some cards would not be shuffle properly and left in a way it had been.

Some of these cheating methods are just something that casino players must always take the precaution of. Most of the casinos nowadays would use security cameras with high tech software to ensure the fairness of the game for all casino players. Besides that, there are also various regulating bodies whereby they will check on the gambling industry to ensure proper management and reinforcement laws for the benefits of all customers. By having these assurances in place, it would then be necessary for the casino players to be aware of all the happenings inside the casino.


Some casino players would actually feel more secure when they are betting in the online casino. Given the high-security precaution that online casino undertakes, casino players can have a peace of mind when they are placing bets in the online casino. Apart from that, there are many major benefits that online casino players get that land casino players do not. If you would like to find out more, feel free to check out one of the top Online Casino Malaysia that offers one of the best Casino Bonus in town.


Cheat The Casino: How to do it?
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