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Legendary Card Counting Team | SCR888 Casino

The Card Counting Strategy

Card counting may not be the ideal betting technique for most casino players because things can go out of hand and drama could even happen on the spot. For some other casino players, they would find this technique to be very challenging and thrilling. They are confident that they are able to beat the system without going under the casino’s radar on every occasion. Throughout the history of blackjack, many players had used the card counting system to take on the best online casino. However, most of these casinos would eventually find out about their tricks and ban them from making any more bets.

Card counting in the land casino in the past would be a common scenario. There are many players who did in fact win lots of blackjack bets during those periods of time. These players have since made a name for themselves in the casino history. If you have watch the movie ‘21’, you would know that we are in fact talking about the MIT card counting team. This team of professional card counting players have successfully won millions of dollars from the Las Vegas casinos in many occasions until they got caught.

This amazing story has impressed many people and it is a real life case which prove that beating the unfavorable odds in blackjack really doable. However, you would have to learn a particular skills and take up major training in order to beat the casino. The MIT card counting team are basically university students who were ambitious and incredibly intelligent. With their superiority IQ in math and science, this group of students had successfully develop an incredible skill for card counting.

The beginning of card counting

During the prime period of the 1980’s, the game of poker and other casino games are wildly famous among university students. Most of these players are betting purely just for fun. As time passed, some of these players found ways to outsmart the casino. When this happen, they begin to try and beat the casino in a bigger scale. All these finally get to happen when a former MIT professor decided to gather a group of top students to put them through a test. By conducting these tests, the weaker students is weed out and those who remain would eventually get to learn the card counting skill. As the professor begin his training, he was quick to teach the students the discipline and how to ultilize the verbal and non-verbal cues to beat the casino.

High Roller betting

In the 1990’s, this team was reaping in their biggest casino payout and was said to be at their peak performance. They would often seen placing bets as high as tens of thousands of dollar per hand. On the other end, the casino would always welcome these type of players as they are categorized as the ‘high roller’. At that moment of time, the casino are still clueless on what is actually happening at the casino table.

Nobody actually know how much is their total winnings and a rough estimation would always come up to millions of dollars. These students would always live a double live where they would count cards on the weekends and return to school on Monday. Similar to any other students on campus, they kept a low profile for a long time.

Downfall of the legend

As time goes on, the casino finally smell something fishy and caught up with MIT team. This is really unfortunate as the students eventually caught up with themselves too. This is partly due to their enormous egos that lead to their downfall in the end. The team were too obsess with the money, free trips and also their VIP status. Many would regards their behavior as common and it is understandable that they are only a group of kids. The casino eventually took notice of their mistakes and the most important piece of evidence would be their pattern of friends. The casino caught them hanging out together more often than they should have.

After they got busted, the team were banned from most of the casinos.

Hollywood movie “21”

The Hollywood took notice of this story and made it into a fast paced action adventure blockbuster movie called the ‘21’. This movie is starring Kevin Spacey as the professor and Kate Bosworth as one of the legendary MIT card counting members. The real card counting team didn’t really end it there. Most of them tried to change their identity and were soon back at the casino tables. This time around, the casinos security were smarter and prevented most of them from performing their tricks again. As for the other members, they have found another way to perform their skill in the online casino platform. They were also rumors saying these players have found another loophole and were making big bucks on another platform.

Card counting remain legal

Most of us would be wondering why these players never end up in jail. Well, in actual fact, the card counting is actually not illegal. As you would have guessed, all card counting are happening in your own head and is almost impossible to prove. Unless there were CIA decided to sell their mind reading machine to the casino and run a test on these players. The card counting activity would forever go completely un-notice for an eternity.

Legendary Card Counting Team | SCR888 Casino
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