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Malaysia: Top Online Casino

Top Online Casino Malaysia

Casino players visiting the land casino may be a thing of the past. With the rising in popularity of online casino, more and more casino players are placing their bets in the online casino. Comparing to the land casino, the online casino has much more to offer for the casino players. Not all online casinos are created the same. Casino players will usually find better offers, better game selection, and better winning odds when they place their bets in the top online casino.

Casino players who are new to the online casino may be surprise that all of the casino games available in the land casino are also available in the online casino. In fact, the online casino is a complete platform whereby the casino players may find all sort of betting products that will suit everyone betting style. Some of the betting products that you may find in the online casino include slot games, live casino games, poker, sport betting, MMA betting, cock fighting, etc.

Due to the high demand for online casino, casino players would find that more and more new online casino being setup from time to time. Some of these online casinos would have similar products while some online casinos offer more unique products that are cater to the niche market of casino players with specific betting preference. Casino players especially the beginners would have some difficulty when it comes to choosing the right online casino to place their bets. Therefore, it is better to visit an online casino review sites to learn about the rating and review of the online casino before signing up for their gambling account.

Some of the online casino in Malaysia that you will come across include the SCR888, 12Win, Clubsuncity, Rollex, Lucky Palace, Crown, Ibcbet, Sbobet, Gvbet, etc. Among these online casinos, the top online casino that has been favor by the casino players would actually be SCR888, 12Win and Clubsuncity. In order to determine the most suitable online casino for you, it is best to understand your own betting style first. Each of these online casino have their own uniqueness that cater to different segment of online casino players. Without further delay, let’s have a deeper look into these online casino:

SCR888 Casino

Named as the top online casino to be played on your mobile smartphones. The SCR888 casino offer some of the widest range of online slot games for casino players to be played on their mobile phones. The stability and reliability of the SCR888 mobile platform has resulted in massive sign up for SCR888 casino products. Some of the slot games that you may find in the SCR888 include modern slot games, classic slot games, movie theme slot games, casino game slot and more.

Due to the popularity of SCR888 casino, the mobile casino platform is now available in iOS and also Android mobile platform. SCR888 is the most reliable mobile slot platform that has perform well from time to time. Downloading the SCR888 casino and its slot games are fast and easy. Casino players may get to enjoy all their favorite slot games on the go with just a brief installation process.

Apart from that, many casino players have also reported that SCR888 casino is actually offering the best winning odds among all the other casinos when it comes to winning in the online slot games. The SCR888 has a mix range of slot games for different casino players with different risk taking appetite. High variance slot game such as the ‘Great Blue’ offer high winnings for casino players that enjoy big win for the max bet. The casino players who enjoy steady and frequent win would instead prefer to place their bets in low variance slot game such as the ‘Funky Monkey’ slot.

12Win Casino

The 12Win casino on the other hand is famous due to its live casino games. 12Win also offer a wide range of slot games but more importantly the live casino games is the leading factor for 12Win popularity among the casino players.

Casino players who like to play blackjack, baccarat, sic bo and roulette would find the 12Win to be a better choice for themselves. By signing up with 12Win casino, the casino players would be able to place their bets in blackjack, roulette, baccarat and sic bo just as if they are betting in the land casino. This is due to the effectiveness of 12Win’s live stream feature in the live casino game mode.

The live stream feature in 12Win would stream all of the casino games mentioned above directly onto the desktop or mobile smartphones of the casino players. Similar to the land casino betting, there will be a live dealers distributing the casino cards and rolling the roulette ball on each game of bet. All bets are stream directly from the casino. Players will get to play all their favorite live casino games at the comfort of their own home. Besides that, they are also able to switch table or games anytime they like without interrupting other casino players. If you enjoy the convenience and mobility of the live casino games, 12Win casino would be your best choice among all.

Clubsuncity Casino

The Clubsuncity casino is yet another top online casino that offer great online slot games. The slot games in Clubsuncity casino is truly different as they are all build with amazing graphics and theme. Apart from that, the Clubsuncity slot game is unique in the sense that they offer the most interesting arcade slot in Malaysia. Casino players who are bored with the conventional online slot games would most likely to find new excitement in Clubsuncity slot games.

The arcade style slot offer in Clubsuncity would be the most unique slot games that you will ever come across. Some of the most famous title that you would find in the Clubsuncity casino include Animal Band, Crazy Monkey, Crazy Shark, Ocean King, Rush 6, Gogo Bingo and Casino Hold’em. If you are looking for something special in slot game betting. Clubsuncity will bring new excitement to your slot game betting.


These casinos are some of the most talked about top online casino in Malaysia. Even though there might be some similarity in terms of games offered in some online casinos, a deeper look would show that each casino actually have their own set of unique offering that cater to the casino players. In the end, when it comes to choosing the top online casino for yourself, everything would be decided by your own betting style and the types of casino games that you prefer to bet with.

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Malaysia: Top Online Casino
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  • 12win master
    2 years ago

    12win closing down is that real???

    • scr888mobilecasino
      2 years ago

      Yes you’re right 12Win Master. It is closed permanently, at least for now.

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