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SCR888 | Best Online Casino Malaysia in 2018


For the Online Casino in Malaysia, there are a lot of the different brands of the Online Casinos. The SCR888 is one of them, some more it is the most popular Online Casino in Malaysia. Till now, the SCR888 Casino is having over 4 years of the services. And it is continually growing in the Online Casino industry.

Since they are an online platform for the gambling, people may imagine it plays on the PC through the Internet Browser. However, the SCR888 is publishing their casino app for the online gambling. So, the players may need to download the casino app in order to gambling the casino games.

The Latest Version of the SCR888 Casino

The business will keep growing and changing, as well as the SCR888. They keep updating the Online Casino Games and the special features of the casino app. It is making the casino games better and better, that you won’t felt bored with the gameplay. Now, they are providing more and more casino games in the app, nearly 130 games.

Besides that, in the year 2018, the SCR888 had renamed to the 918Kiss Casino Games. While the switching, they change the logo and the theme as well. Turn into the all-new Online Casino, but it is still the old casino as the SCR888. It brings the freshness of the online casino to the online gamblers. Yet, you still able to experience the similar gambling with the SCR888  Casino.

To Download the latest version of the casino app, it will update automatically on the device.

Where to Download the SCR888 Casino?

Believe all of the Malaysian knows about the gambling law in Malaysia. Yes, against Malaysia’s law, the online gambling is illegal in public. But there are a lot of the people fall in love with the gambling, as it is exciting during the gameplay. Back to the topic, the SCR888 Casino doesn’t upload the application to any Online Games Stores. But where do they upload the app?

Since it is illegal to upload to the licensed Online Games Stores. So, they publish their application on their Pages. That’s nothing right or wrong to download the SCR888 Casino app from their Pages. Some more, to downloading the casino app, it is similar to the application download from the Game Stores. Click and download, it is easy.

On the other sides, the SCR888 Casino is supporting the Android and iOS device for the installation. So then, most of you can download the SCR888 for the online gambling.

  • The Android device. You have to download the SCR888 APK for the installation.
  • The iOS device. You have to download the SCR888 iOS for the installation.

Just a click to the suitable application, then it will automatically download onto the device. It is as simple as downloading the app on the Game Stores.

Why does SCR888 Popular?

In Malaysia, there are a lot of the Online Casinos. But the people merely like to gamble with the SCR888 Casino Games more than other casinos, why?

Among all of the Online Casinos, the SCR888 Casino is offering the greater payout ratio. It is easier to win the money from the SCR888 Casino Games. None of you will invest the money into the slow-growing company, right? This is similar to the gambling, people just want to win the money from the winning games. So, the SCR888 will be the great choice for the Online Gambling.

Besides that, the SCR888 Casino is including quite a lot of the famous Online Slot Games on the list. For example, the Highway King Slot Game, Great Blue Slot Game, Cherry Love Slot Games, Dolphin Reef Slot Game, and other SCR888 Slot Games. They become the most played slot game, it is due to their features to assist the players. Therefore, you can win the game easier or more rewards.

Enjoy Big Win with SCR888 Casino Games

Once you get into the SCR888 Casino app, go for the famous casino games. Because there are many players had won the money from those casino games. That’s easy to win a BigWin award from the SCR888 Slot Games. Enjoy your online gambling with the SCR888 Casino Games.

SCR888 | Best Online Casino Malaysia in 2018
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