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SCR888 Great Blue Slot Secret

Great Blue Slot Game

SCR888 Great Blue slot game is another top slot game in the SCR888 online casino. Being one of the top favorite slot game among the online casino fans, the Great Blue slot has many generous rewards waiting for the lucky winner.

SCR888 Great Blue slot is also by far one of the best game created by Playtech. This slot game is a high variant slot whereby you can win lots of big payout that can double or triple your wager. In simple term, the Great Blue slot has the propensity to pay out big. However, this high variant slot is also a highly volatile slot. If you are one of the slot game player who enjoy taking risk for greater reward, the SCR888 Great Blue would suit you perfectly.

The only downside of the Great Blue slot is that this slot game is highly volatile as compare to other high variance slot machines. It can even go on what seem like a long lean spell for some casino players. In order to win big from Great Blue slot, you would need to have a better wager management to counter its volatility.

However, the Great Blue slot is a great game to place your bets. The gameplay is simple and it has been proven to be very rewarding in many occasions. The general theme of the slot game is set in the underwater world. The game will feature many stacked wild, great graphics and effects.

SCR888 Great Blue Bonus Round

There are many rewarding slot feature within this slot game. Other than the Wild and Scatter symbol, the slot game also come with its own bonus round. This bonus feature can easily get activated by hitting three or more clam shells on any of the five reels in play.

By activating the bonus round inside the Great Blue slot game, you will then get transported to the bottom of the ocean floor. By then, you will be presented with five clams. All you need to do is to choose 2 clams among the 5. By choosing correctly, you will automatically get rewarded with free spins and bet multiplier. If you are lucky, you may even get rewarded as much as 33 free spins and a bet multiplier of 15x.


Now that you have some basic idea regarding how rewarding the SCR888 Great Blue really is. The real secret is actually in the bonus round. That is also why you may even win over 100x while playing the Great Blue slot game.

We have personally come across many cases where the player won big through betting in this game. However, you should also take note that the it is still a highly volatile and high variance slot game. There will also be a time where you will feel that it is taking eternity before you start to hit three or more calm scatter and activating your own bonus round.

Thus, if you are like us and love high variance slot, the Great Blue slot is one of the slot game that you should give it a go. There are many amazing win and payout that worth every second of your time spent on this slot game. If you are still new to the SCR888 casino, it is time to Download SCR888 and play Great Blue slot now.


SCR888 Great Blue Slot Secret
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