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SCR888 Slot Game | SCR888 iOS | SCR888 Android

SCR888 Slot Game

The SCR888 Slot Game is one of the best online gaming entertainment. Today, there are more than a million people enjoyable with the SCR888 slot game. The gameplay of the slot game is to spin the reels on the screen and try to win the game.

Within the SCR888 slot game, most of them are including more than 10 uniques symbols relate to the theme. Then the player needs to spin the reel and try to make the same symbols join together. In some of the games, join at two same symbols to win a game. If not, that game counts as lose.

SCR888 Online Casino

Since it is a slot game, the SCR888 is one Online Casino in Malaysia. It provides more than a hundred of the online casino games within their application. Besides that, in their games, that’s more than 60% of the games are the SCR888 slot game. It occupies most of the places.

The SCR888 Casino doesn’t provide the slot games only. They offer other casinos as well, like the table games and the arcade games. There are the favorite casino games by the Malaysian players. But the SCR888 slot game is the top choice of the online casino game. As it awards the highest winning odds to the winner.

Why People Like to Play SCR888 Slot Game

Within Malaysia, most of the people are preferring to play the SCR888 Slot Game. But why? It is a good question. As mentioned above, the slot game is the only casino game will award the highest winning odds to the winner. The winner may award with thousand odds or even more than that. It is depending on the what symbol combination.

Other than the slot game, the SCR888 Casino has a unique benefit that people want to play with them. Because of the SCR888 Casino is offering the highest winning payout rate among all of the casinos Malaysia. It will be easier to win the game if gaming on the SCR888 Casino Games. It is a true story. Most of the players had won a lot of the money from the SCR888 Casino.

Play Their Famous Slot Games

As mentioned above, the SCR888 slot game is providing a lot of the slot games in their application. Most of them are the famous one. As those slot games will assist the player to win the game easier. Like the bonus games or the in-game features.

Highway King Slot Game

First of all, the Highway King is one of the famous slot games in the SCR888 Casino. This slot game is providing 9 lines but without any bonus games. Their specialty is the number of betting lines. The lesser line, the higher wager to place without exceeding budget. And Highway King is offering 97.8% of the Return to Player rate. It is a high percentage.

For example, with the lesser line slot, the player able to spend $1 to place on a total 9 lines. Each of the lines is betting with $0.11, it may consider a high level of wagering. Normally, the 20 lines able to bet $0.05 per line for a $1 cost. It will be good to bet on the lesser lines slot game. And this slot is paying from both sides.

Great Blue Slot Game

The Great Blue slot game is offering a total of 25 lines during the gameplay. Of cause the player able to decide to play lesser line in the slot. Besides, the unique part of the Great Blue is their wild symbols. Sometimes, their wild symbols will appear in a group for the substitution. Once it succusses substitution, the winner will award double prizes.

Normally, the winner will win at least a thousand odds from the grouping wild symbol combination. In my experience, I bet with $0.02 per line and I won nearly $200 from the grouping wild symbol. Now, it is your turn to trigger the grouping wild symbol to win the big award.

Bonus Bear Slot Game

Nevertheless, above are the gaming feature, but the Bonus Bear slot game is providing two greater bonus games to the players. That’s nothing much special on the normal gameplay of Bonus Bear, but it is in their bonus games. That’s not much of the slot game will provide more than one bonus game, but Bonus Bear does. So, it calls for Bonus Bear.

One of the bonus games calls Honey Bonus. It needs three or more beehive symbols to appear on the screen. Then it will need the player to pick one out of five trees for the bear to climb up to the tree to find the honeypots. Each of the honeypots is containing the different cash prizes. Once the beehive is found then the game end.

Next, another bonus game needs the bear to appear on the reel 2, 3, and 4. Then the player will award a total 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier. This bonus game can re-trigger if the bear symbols appear on those reels again during the free spins.

Three Kingdoms Slot Game

The Three Kingdoms slot game is similar to the Highway King slot game. Both of them are offering 9 lines for the gameplay. But the Three Kingdoms slot has offer extra two bonus games. Those bonus games are awarding a lot of the winning prizes to the winner. One it calls Bonus Game, and another calls Fever Game. Both are amazing.

First, once the three big sword weapons appear, it awards Bonus Game. The game doesn’t have the number of the free games, until spinning the Exit then the game end. After each of the spinning, the player may award the multiplier to times other winning symbols. The multiplier can award from x50, x100, x150, x200, and x300. It is a super large award.

Besides that, when four corners are appearing the same symbols simultaneously then winner awards Fever Game. The Fever Game will automatically help the player to spin the reel until all of the reels come out with the same symbol with the early one. Then the game will stop and award the winner. That will be great to join all of the same symbols and win the prizes.


The SCR888 Slot Game is the best online entertainment for the people. It able to win a lot of the money from the game. Especially the Three Kingdoms, it is the best SCR888 Slot Game, which helps to win a lot of the money. Download the latest version of SCR888 on your mobile device and start spinning the SCR888 Slot Game to win the money now.

SCR888 Slot Game | SCR888 iOS | SCR888 Android
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