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SCR888 Sic Bo: Easy Win Strategy

Sic Bo

Developed from an ancient Chinese dice game, Sic Bo is an online slot game in which you bet on the prediction of the outcome of rolling three dice simultaneously. You get a variety of betting options as per your wish. The exciting feature of this game is that you can place multiple bets on each turn while rolling the dice. It is a simple game that has a high chance of winning. Players who visit the online slot by SCR888 Casino find it simply intriguing and would definitely want to bet at least once.

While the results are announced pretty quickly, the game involves a lot of strategies that should be followed for increasing your chances of winning. Also known as Tai Sai or Dai Siu, Sic Bo provides a board listing of all the previous rolls of the player through which he can know his link. Even though it is hard to determine whether the next roll would be rewarding or not, many players have developed sure shot strategies which help them win big rewards.

Sic Bo Rules

Sic Bo is a really easy game to play with the rules being very simple. Some players simply put a lot of bets and increase their probability of winning whereas some of them simply develop mind games and bet on only one or two rolls. They just need to take a note of the amount of bet they are placing on each roll. If there are more odds of winning, you can bet a less amount on the number that you are expecting to show up. You should place a balance bet size amount base on your bankroll to play more and for a longer period. The rules being simple and the chances of winning being high, Sic Bo is an extremely sought after the game that can fetch you amazing rewards.

Sic Bo Strategies

There are many strategies that can be used while playing Sic Bo and they are all sorted according to the level of player you are. If you are still a beginner, you can use the strategy that involves minimal risk. An intermediate player who is quite acquainted with the game can play the medium risk strategy and the highest level of player who has been playing this game for years can use the highest risk strategy. Let us find out about the various strategies that can be used.

Low-Risk Strategy

The best system that can be used for a lower risk betting is the 1-2-3-4 system and also the Paroli system. You need to bet with a small bankroll and play the risks slowly and steadily. Once you start winning, you can sum up the amount to bet on more. This strategy involves a defensive mechanism through which you can win slowly with the minimum chance of losing.

Medium Risk Strategy

The medium sized strategy involves a medium bankroll and a little more complicated bets. You still need to bet on small combination bets which can help your chances of winning more. This strategy involves a lot of risks because even though you are betting a reasonable amount on the smaller combinations, the chances of losing a greater amount are pretty high.

High Risk Strategy

This strategy is for the highly professional gamers who seek out to win really big rewards. It considers a high amount of bank roll and the risks involved are the greatest. You need to bet high on many rolls simultaneously to increase your chances of winning. You need to bet on odd combinations as well as smaller combinations.

Small Bet Strategy

This strategy involves betting on combinations between 4 and 10. You bet a very small amount of money on the combinations with the chances of winning great rewards.

Big Bet

In this strategy, you need to bet with a big bankroll with the sum going between 11 and 17. The probability in this strategy is 1:1 and the winning chances are high. If you bet on a single number, the rewards are quite high than the amount won on a combination.

Sic Bo is an amazingly entertaining online slot which is extremely simple to play and the rewards are very high. The strategies involved can help you be familiar with the game very quickly and also winning a big amount at an early stage. They help the play get easier and stable.

SCR888 Sic Bo: Easy Win Strategy
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