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The Poker Game is one of the most famous casino table games. It is a card game, which plays against player and players. The game is interesting that play on the player’s emotion and action. Those emotional and action will affect the winning of the game.

Besides that, the Poker Game needs the highest hand to win the round. Each of the round, that’s will be a winning player get the entire pot.

The rule of the game is simple. First, two cards to each hand for the game start. And that’s total five cards will show on the desk. The sequence of showing card is 3 cards then 1 card and 1 card. When every time the player wishes to read the card on the desk, they must put the money (chips) on the pot. All players put the same amount of chips, then only able to face up the card.

It is the best game to play. That needs the player to play well with their card on hand. With the tournament, the winner able to win more than a million cash prize.