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918Kiss iOS

Introducing The New 918Kiss iOS version

Most people lead very stressful lifestyles in the world today. For example, most of us either work eight to ten hours a day or more, just to make ends meet and support our family. It is indeed a tough world that we live in today. Hence, wouldn’t it be great if there were methods or ways that would allow us to forget the challenges we have to face in the world, if only for a brief moment? The brains at 918Kiss definitely think so! Therefore, the new 918Kiss iOS was recently available, thus enabling millions of gamblers to enjoy their favorite online casino on the go, at the tip of their very fingers!

Previously, online gamblers were crying out loud for a mobile version. This is because they found it quite inconvenient that their only access was via a desktop personal computer. Well, those days are in the past with the launching of the 918Kiss iOS edition! I understand that some of you who are familiar with the desktop version is having some doubts about this new launch. Is the 918Kiss iOS similar to the desktop version? Does the 918Kiss iOS function the same way as the desktop one? Can I still install the 918Kiss iOS on an old Apple iPhone? Does installing the 918Kiss iOS on my Apple iPhone disrupt the functionality of my smartphone? These are some of the concerns we plan to address along with this article. Read on to find out more!


Installing the 918Kiss iOS

Firstly, open your web browsers such as Google Chrome or Safari and navigate to m.918kiss.bet website. You will notice a button for Android Version and IOS version. Click on the IOS version to download the 918Kiss iOS for your Apple iPhone. Then, a message will pop up to prompt you whether you would like to install the 918Kiss iOS on your phone. Simply click “Install” to confirm the installation. Once the installation is complete, you will need to click on the application to launch the application. However, a message will pop up to warn you the developer of this application is non-trusted. Ignore this message by pressing on “Cancel”. Next, navigate to your iPhone settings and click on “General”, then “Device Management” and finally “ASIA PROPERTY 1 LIMITED”. Click on this option and you will be prompted to “Trust” this developer. Confirm your trust and you are good to go!


Addressing Concerns Of 918Kiss iOS

First and foremost, we would like to confirm that the 918Kiss iOS version is completely the same as the desktop version. The only difference is that you would be playing on a much smaller screen! However, this also means that you have unrestricted access to an online casino regardless of time and place! Furthermore, the selection of games is also similar between the 918Kiss iOS and desktop versions. Gamers would still be able to enjoy their favorite table games such as blackjack or slot games like Wukong. In addition, your account details including existing credits and winnings from your desktop account are synced onto your mobile account. As a result, you do not need to go through the hassle of creating a new account and purchasing new credits to enjoy 918Kiss online casino! Furthermore, this application is also compatible with Apple iPads to guarantee maximum accessibility. 

The 918Kiss iOS may have been developed very recently and is more optimized for newer iPhones. Nevertheless, users of older iPhones are still able to enjoy the wonders of the 918Kiss online casino by downloading the thirty-two-bit version. This version is optimized for iPhone 5 and below. Last but definitely not least, the 918Kiss iOS does not harm your phone in any way. The application may be developed by a non-trusted developer but reviews by users were very encouraging. Users’ experiences thus far have been very positive and the application runs smoothly on all iPhones regardless of editions. The actual reason the 918Kiss iOS is listed as non-trusted is due to the application not going through the Apple App Store. However, that is a mere formality and it cannot change the fact that this is one solid application!


What’s Next Then?

The 918Kiss iOS is a new release and the development team is constantly working to improve the application in order to ensure optimal user experience. There are rumors of users’ accounts being hacked via smartphones but we would like to assure everyone that that is not the case. We completely understand the importance of account security as it involves a lot of money. Thus, our support team who is online twenty-four hours a day is constantly available to assist users with concerns or issues.

We acknowledge that there may be some readers of this article who are wondering about an Android version of the 918Kiss online casino. We want to assure all Android phone users to remain calm and patient as the application is definitely going to make its way to you in the near future! The framework is already in place but there are few minor software issues to overcome. However, we do not expect that to be a huge obstacle! Finally, we would like to thank all our users for your never-ending support as we continue to strive to make 918Kiss the best online casino in the world!

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