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Introducing The New 918Kiss Live

The latest version of 918Kiss Live is finally here! Yes, you read that correctly. SRC888 was the most popular online casino in 2016. It boasts a huge number of players, a wide variety of games, big amount of payouts and a fantastic gaming experience for all. It was way ahead of its time. There were no other online casinos that were capable of matching the SRC888. However, these online casinos begin copying all of SRC888’s unique features. In time, SRC888 begin to lose its popularity as the competition continued to get more intense. The SRC888 team begins to analyze the situation to determine some potential solutions. They decided that rebranding the SRC888 was the online logical step forward. That is the background story of the new 918Kiss Live. The 918Kiss Live is essentially the same as SRC888 but with more enhanced features.

The 918Kiss Casino Online team is aware that many of your users are curious about this new platform. There ought to be hundreds of questions that probably need answering, right? Do not worry. The objective of this article is to address some of the common questions we believe most of our users would be asking. So, let’s explore the wonders of the new 918Kiss Live now, shall we?


Games Galore!

We have established that new 918Kiss Live is basically an upgraded version of the SRC888. How is it better? That is one of the most common question asked. Firstly, the 918Kiss Live still offers both slot games and casino games such as blackjack and poker. 918Kiss Live offers a larger selection of slot games relative to SRC888. The most popular ones include A Night Out, Highway Kings, Spin A Win, White King and Zhao Cai Jin Bao. These few slot games are popular because the gaming mechanics are simple to understand. In addition, these games also offer a potentially higher payout compared to the other slot games.

The 918Kiss Live introduces new games such as 4D Games, Sports Games, and Racing Games. The 4D games are similar to the lottery ticket system. You simply need to buy a set of lucky numbers. You will earn a nice sum if your chosen numbers match the winning set. It is that simple! The Sports Games is all about placing bets on real-life sporting events. Individuals who like such games should study the odds for each match before placing their bets! Now that it is World Cup season fever, the Sports Games are getting more popular than ever. Come to try it for yourself at 918Kiss Live! What about Racing Games? These games are more focused on horse racing. Gamers simple choose their desired horse and monitor the race. The horse that finishes the race first will earn its picker the pot of winnings.

New But Bigger And Better!

Players from the old SRC888 had some major concerns on safety and secure betting. We are proud to say that the 918Kiss Live has addressed that concern. The most common issue was related to funding withdrawals. Some players reported that their funds were transferred to other individuals. The 918Kiss withdrawal system now requires documentation evidence for verification. Therefore, the gamer who initiates a withdrawal will have to submit identification documentation to the system to verify that he or she is the correct person. We truly believe this will discourage scammers and other illicit withdrawals. Furthermore, the 918Kiss Live now supports online transfers via your preferred local bank. You do not need to manually go to the bank and deposit the cash and then submitting the transaction slip to the casino’s platform. You can now do all of this online!

The 918Kiss Live also introduced the concept of promotions. For example, new players who registered an account with 918Kiss Live stands to win some bonus funds. Furthermore, old existing players can also earn top-up bonuses for each successful transaction. These bonus funds can help players understand the newer games better as well as to develop new betting strategies. Therefore, their probability of winning will likely increase, culminating in higher profits over time. Besides that, the 918Kiss Live also has a free to play account. This account serves players who want to test out the system but are unwilling to use their own funds. These players can continue to play this free account simple to relieve stress. However, they can convert to a full account and enjoy the full range of benefits on offer at 918Kiss Live.


The Best Is Yet To Come

The launch of 918Kiss Live is a step in the right direction. We at 918Kiss intend to bring the brand to the pinnacle of online gambling. Although we are not there yet, we are consistently striving to introduce better features. This is simply to ensure a more wholesome gambling experience for all our users. So, what are our future plans for 918Kiss Live? Well, we are planning on bringing the platform to your mobile devices! You read that right. You can soon play the 918Kiss Live right in your hands and on the go. We believe this will be a huge game changer for the 918kiss Live brand.

The best part about playing on mobile is your accounts will continue to sync with the desktop version. Hence, you do not need to create a new account to play on mobile. All the account information including credits, personal information and winnings will be synced between the two platforms. We are very excited about this project and we hope we can announce it soon. For now, enjoy the new 918Kiss Live and we will talk to you soon!

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