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918Kiss Test ID


Online casinos are very common nowadays. Rather than travel a hundred miles to win big, now everybody can stay home and start to earn big. Well, some of you might hear about online casino test id before, but what is a test id? For you information, test id is account provided by the online casino for new players to try the casino games.

By using this account, users can play the games provided for free. In other words, there is no losing or winning as long as you are using this account. Even though you might have won RM 1000 with 918Kiss test id, but still you can’t cash it out. There are a few popular online casinos out there, one of it is 918Kiss. Similar to many of the major online casinos, 918Kiss does provide 918Kiss test id. If you wish to learn more about it, please continue to scroll down.


Okay, it is pointless for us to discuss any further without knowing the way to get 918Kiss test id, isn’t it? Actually, it is very easy to get 918Kiss test id. What you have to do is just log in to 918Kiss official website and look for the section “test id”. There is two or three free test available on the interface. Just click on the id and you would receive an account with a certain amount of credit. You are able to play 918Kiss online casino games with these credits.

As mentioned beforehand, you are not able to win any money on this account. However, this is a golden opportunity for you to try out your skill and build up strategy. For your information, a strategy is very important in playing online casino games. If you are failed to plan, you plan to fail, this is how we can explain this situation.

Anyway, test ID is very limited and very difficult to get. According to the statistic research, there are about 105 users waiting to use this 918Kiss test id within 1 hour. So, it is highly recommended for you to register a new account and try out the game. This is possible by choosing the option “free play” and you can find it on the landing page. Since you are trying out the game by using your own account, there is no one else to disturb you. You can try the games as long as you desired, as much as possible. Register 918Kiss new account is very easy. What you have to do is click the option “register” and fill in your personal details. You will require to key in your name, phone number and bank account number upon registration.

Once your application is approved, you are able to play 918Kiss casino games.


Blackjack is a very common casino game that requires skills. The players must be able to learn many different strategies and use it at the right timing. One thing you have to bear in mind is that all of the blackjack games are basically maths and calculations. It won’t be one plus one equal to two, but rather a complex maths formulation. Hence, there is no ritual or superstition which can help you out. Though it sounds hard, there are still a few tips for blackjack player.

First, you must choose the right online blackjack for you. This is the very important step which most of the players neglect to do so. Choose the blackjack game which provides you the generous bonus, such as 918Kiss. 918Kiss always provides bonuses – during new registration, top up and even playing a game for the first time!  Bonuses could bring impact to your performance that you have more credit to play the game. If you can use the credit well, it can bring you the real fortune.

Second, choose the blackjack with the higher winning chance. Below I have summarized a few blackjack variants with the different chance of winning. This is for reference only and the actual winning chance is still affected by the way you play it.

Blackjack Switch – 0.17%

Pontoon by Playtech – 0.36%

Blackjack Surrender – 0.38%

Blackjack UK – 0.39%

Perfect Blackjack – 0.42%

918Kiss blackjack – 0.99%

21 Duel Blackjack – 0.62%

Progressive Blackjack – 0.47%

As you can see from the percentage, 918Kiss has the highest chance to win. Nearly 1 in a hundred game you can win once, much better than many of the games. So, play smart, and choose the one with the higher percentage.


Well, losing in a game is normal for those whose strategy isn’t good enough. As we told you before, 918Kiss online casino games can be easily owned if you have a great strategy. If you keep on losing non-stop, it is better to give yourself a break. Then, you should take a rest and plan your strategy again.

If you can’t really think of any good strategy for the particular game, just change another game to play. There are more than 150 online casino games at 918Kiss. Some games are easier to beat than others. On top of that, we all born with different gifts. Some of us might be expert at playing poker, some in mahjong. So what you have to do is just keep finding the game that suits you the most. If you have found it already, develop the best strategy and then you are ready to win big. Cheers.

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