Top 5 Mobile Slot Games in 2020

Top 5 Mobile Slot Games in 2020

There are only 2 months away from the year of 2020. 2020 marks a very special year to Malaysian – the Wawasan 2020 proposed by our beloved prime minister. Although our nation has not achieved the set goals due to various factors, I suppose Malaysia is still considered a highly developed country within Asia Pacific region.

Same goes for the local mobile slot game industry. There have been lot of changes in 2019. A lot of new slot game brands are being introduced to the market, given the unprecedented success achieved by 918KISS.

The highlight of the year is of course, the shutdown of 918KISS in August 2019. Nobody knows the cause. There have been rumours. None of them is true. Anyway, we should always look forward to the future. More importantly, what would become the next top mobile slot games in Malaysia? Let’s check it out.

1. 918KISS

Thought you said the game has been brought down? Well, I would say it’s still too early to conclude that. The demand for 918KISS is still crazily high in the country. Some said it will probably make its comeback at the beginning of 2020, with a brand new image and game design.

If this is going to happen, we think it will certainly take up more than half of the local mobile slot game market share. 918KISS is one of the most trusted slot game brands since years ago. It has also accumulated a number of loyal fans who always stick to the games.

We think the possibility of its return in 2020 is pretty high. Therefore, we rank it as the No.1 mobile slot game next year.

2. 918KISS 2

A counterfeit product huh? I would say 918KISS 2 does even better than the original game version. People won’t usually find out the best part of it – game loading speed. There is a very tiny difference from the original one, maybe 0.1 second? Nonetheless, it makes a lot difference when a lot of 0.1 seconds adding up together.

918KISS 2 is currently the most played slot game in the country, only after the termination of the original 918KISS. We are pretty sure that it will remain as one of the top 5 mobile slot games in 2020, even if 918KISS comes back to the main stage.

3. MEGA888

Undoubtedly, it is a new rising star in 2019. Everyone has been keeping an eye on MEGA888. It has a truly fantastic UI layout, extremely high winning payout (based on random number generator algorithm), and also amazing game loading speed. Everyone loves to play it.

Although its number of active players is still far behind the 918KISS and 918KISS 2, the number has been growing rapidly. We forecast it will possibly overtake 918KISS and 918KISS 2 soon, probably in the year of 2021.

Moreover, it’s very easy to download MEGA888, much faster than the downloading process of other mobile slot games. You may learn how to download MEGA888 here. It’s available in both Android and IOS smartphones. So you don’t have to worry about getting a new phone just to play this game.

4. PUSSY888

Some said PUSSY888 is the most beautiful mobile slot game brand in the market nowadays. I kinda agree with this, i mean it has a really sleek design on gaming layout. But, I can tell its back-end structure is still a bit outdated as compared with MEGA888.

However, most of the slot game players can’t really find out about the weaknesses. It also adopts high winning payout policy to attract slot game players. So it will most likely stay on the list for 2020.

5. XE88

Last but not least, XE88, which is in turn the newest mobile slot game in Malaysia. A lot of people are really amazed by the premium quality of its game design as well as slot game engine. We didn’t see this coming.

So, it has quickly grabbed a large chunk of the market share just few months right after it was introduced to the market. We can see that Malays are more into XE88, while Chinese and Indians are still spending most of their time on MEGA888. It will definitely become one of the largest mobile online betting brand in Malaysia. It’s just the matter of time.

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